One day I decided to make a neon sign. The approach was changed because of the budget.

I took the liberty of putting up the sign on the road that the hairless monkey (me) came through.

Where do we come from and where are we going?

A Walking Monkey’s Journey.


Walking on an island that is a tributary of the Amazon River. Encounter with a dog.

Walking further. The house in the dry season is built on stilts. The house is spacious and airy.

At night, I was taken to spearfishing. I fascinated the house floating on the river.

About three months after arriving in Brazil, I had the objective of finding a ceramic village. I moved around a lot, asked a lot, and found this town.

From this town, the boat trip across the border begins, which will take about a month. The first thing to do here is to buy a hammock to sleep in on board.

Dusk on an island in Ecuador. I continue walking along the shallow beach until it becomes pitch dark.

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