Rotating memories, Looping train, circling ring

When I lived in Switzerland, I received many friendships from many people, many kindnesses that I could never repay.

It was a small town with lots of greenery and nothing but everything. I could walk to the cinema, the supermarket, the big park, the hospital, the train station, the library, and everywhere else. Buses ran in all directions throughout the town and were available from early in the morning until late at night. Thought it is a convenient and livable town for everyone.

I visited that town to create my works. While riding a bicycle through the town, I felt as if I had finally returned to my hometown, even though I did not know this place. After about two years, I had to leave the town.

Then I moved from one town and country to another. After a few months on one of the islands, I thought that I might be stay here long, so I got my tools and made a ring for the first time in a long time.

Mountain Railway

When I saw the finished ring, thought might be I was remembering of Switzerland.

The town in Switzerland there were bridges here and there in the landscape of life. Some were in the distance, some were right in front of me, and some were just now passing through.

My friend and her family lived just over a mountain by train from the town where I lived. The red three- or four-car train, it begin to climb up a steep slope, making curves. The scenery from the train window keep changing. After passing through a tunnel, people waiting on the platform, cars running alongside the train, a familiar restaurant sign, and many other things, the train arrives at that town. When you get off the train, a flag with a black bear’s crest flutters.

I came to Switzerland with one suitcase, and there were people who helped me with the necessary procedures for living, lent me a bed, a desk, a lamp, and other stuff, and were kind to me.

Some of them even rented me a room. One friend accompanied me on property searches and viewings.
 When I got my own studio, one friend brought me lamps and tableware.

When I had a solo exhibition, some friends gave them hands, bringing in the works, preparing the wine. 
When I was on the edge of a production or had a difficult process to complete on my own, a friend gave up own day off to help me complete it. 
When I was collecting sounds, a friend walked around with me with recording equipment.

For one installation, I was lent a record player, and for another, a projector. The children were also my German teachers.

Playing in the river in the summer, swimming after work, taking a leisurely walk, grilling wiener sausages over a bonfire, card game “Jassen”, and sledding on a moonlit night.

I learned about its town, its daily, and its culture from many friends and acquaintance in Switzerland.
Gratitude that cannot be returned sometimes rises from the depths of my memory.

Rotating memories, looping train, circling ring