Whale came

It was sunny this morning, so I started the day by washing a lot of sheets in a basket.

The phone rang. It was a senior colleague from a place I sometimes go to for work, and he was coming over now. I waited for him with boiled water, but he was later than expected. He seemed to have taken a wrong turn.

I brewed a cup of coffee and was sitting on the terrace listening to him about this year’s shifts when I saw a column of water rising high offshore.


Then another.

It was two whales.

They swam for about an hour, getting closer and farther away.

The senior’s story was long, but he said, “We were able to see them because I came.” I replied, “It was also perfect that you got lost.”

In the last, the whales could only be seen small offshore.
I couldn’t see for sure, but it looked like there was a third one.
The two unglazed whales actually had another friend.

The two unglazed whales I have now actually have another companion. He was a bit big, so I left him in a town which far away also thinking I would be come back soon. Have you come across the sea to see me?

Wonder to be in the town where the whales come, about 6 years after I made first one.
If I think about it, I’ve come far away from.

Thanks to my senior, I got to see the whales today. Let’s put it that way.

A spinning washing machine, a spinning destiny. The destination of the boat.